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The seminar combines in-person meetings at WAAC (typically Thursdays, 7–9:45pm), virtual sessions in between, some virtual consultations times, a retreat to Boalsburg, Pennsylvania, and as yet unscheduled workshops and/or field trips. Carolina Dyer is also organizing an independent film series to screen films referenced in the seminar, schedule announced separately. Check this link for a list of films you may want to watch on your own.

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The metalepsis seminar will have 8 meetings at WAAC, 2 sessions tentatively planned as an excursion to Boalsburg, Pennsylvania, 3 "virtual sessions," and 2 “virtual consultations.” Meeting time is Thursdays, 7–9:45p, with time for consultation Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

august 29 / session 1 / personalizing architecture theory (WAAC)

The state of contemporary theory in schools, correlates in global politics, economy; why think
about architecture
at all; thinking and truth; truth and making; revolution of the death drive; causal chains
(“reality”); Freud's switch; overview of sources and their rationales; ground rules; expectations and evaluation
standards; film theory and its relation to architecture theory; what is metalepsis; a calculus of
diegesis/mimesis; poetics as a fabrication; the meaning of “idiot.” Assignment: readings, film.

september 5 / session 2 / predication (WAAC)

Annotating the sorites of Lewis Carroll (see sorites 1, 2, 3); Chesterton’s “The Queer Feet”; detached virtuality; the
four forms of fantasy; Hermes the Thief; fantasy according to Jacques Lacan; Möbius-band-like structures; what is
; the causal chain as predication; the Great Chain of Being; Hegel’s parable of Lordship
and Bondage
; the Lacanian discourses. Assignment: examples of reversed predication.

september 12 / session 3 / the uncanny (WAAC)

Assignment reviews (who is Mr. Perdix?). "The Queer Feet." Double inscription and Jentschian uncanny; Freudian uncanny; Lacanian uncanny (Mladen Dolar); “Death and the Compass”; retroaction; architectural and landscape correlates; discussing City Lights; introducing Rear Window
(Hitchcock); the death narrative (Macrobius; Plato; Cicero). Assignment: examples involving the calculus.

september 19 / session 4 / trying out the calculus (virtual session); assigned reading: Emergence(y) Manifesto"

Review of readings and sources. Assignment: watch and notate City Lights.

september 26 / session 5 / pathologies of the causal chain (WAAC). krazy kat (moved up from a later session); interpreting the uninterpretable; sigmas, siglas, and sifrs;. Assignment: read linked materials and familiarize yourself with Krazy Kat.

october 3, october 10 / virtual consultation

october 17 / session 6 / the clinical connection: psychoanalysis (WAAC)

Introduction to Lacanian and Freudian metalepsis; relation of the uncanny (double inscription);
fear of premature burial; Edgar Allan Poe and coded narrative.

october 24 / session 7 / Rear Window (virtual session): read linked materials, watch film.

october 31 / session 8 / hallowe'en special session: the allegory of travel and aposiopoiesis (WAAC)

Travel novels of W. G. Sebald, Bruce Chatwin; search for the true Homer; Henry Johnstone’s
categories of travel; calculus translation of Johnstone; songlines and landscape theory.

november 8–10 / sessions 10–11 / retreat to Boalsburg, Pennsylvania — see below

A two-day convocation featuring presentations of "ghost stories" in various media; combined groups — WAAC and State College's "Friday 9-ers Think Tank" (which meets on Wednesdays).

november 21 / session 12 / open session (WAAC)

Topics out of a hat; visits to seminar project sites; presentations; open discussions, arguments, shadow boxing.

[november 28 thanksgiving holiday]

december 5 / session 13 / spaces of exception in architecture and the landscape (WAAC)

Compiling the results of the seminar; construction of a manifesto of metalepsis for the critical
study of art, architecture, and landscape.

button retreat, boalsburg PA — november 8–11

ghost story instructions: our only required activity

driving up advice: after Frederick, there are options!

phone numbers: cell phones are the answer to many problems when traveling

local map: instructions for getting around the Boalsburg and State College area

map supplement: mainly for those choosing the I-99 option

travel guide / welcome to Boalsburg

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