Workshops offer intensive ways of learning boundary language, through self-study or face-to-face sessions.

LSU College of Art + Design, Landscape Architecture Workshops

Thanks to a Nadine Carter Russell Chair appointment at the College of Art + Design, Louisiana State University, boundary language will be extended to questions of the landscape in Spring 2008. This workshop series will focus on the centrality of the 'uncanny' as an ordering strategy in perception, culture, travel, landscape use and design, and the special case of the garden. Go to the special LSU WORKSHOP PAGES for schedules, course descriptions, and support materials. This site is also available by clicking on the 'landscape' link on the left.

IDP/AIA on-line boundary language workshop

The on-going IDP/AIA On-Line Workshops will be made available year-round through Penn State's Outreach organization of Conferences and Institutes. This self-paced study package leads you through examples and exercises to the study of three films by Alfred Hitchcock. An analysis of a work of architecture, art, literature, or film constitutes a final exam to complete this three-credit course.

IDP/AIA travel destination workshops

Graduates of the On-Line Workshop qualify to attend a week-long workshop at a foreign or domestic location, where local landscape and architecture serves as the study resource. These trips combine active and collaborative projects, convivial meals, tours of the area, and lectures by locals. They are available in "two sizes" — the two-day weekend introduction and preliminary study (2 credits) and the week-long (6 days) event involving group study and project presentation.

weekend workshops at Penn State

Periodically, weekend workshops are offered for those who want an introduction to the boundary language idea. Film study, projects, and discussions combine in a 2-3 day event that uses the on-line tutorial as a prerequisite.