enunciation, frame analysis, and bolagrams

Boundary language analysis initially focused on the 'Möbius band structure' of relations connecting 'operators' roughly defined by Lacanian elements. An anamorphic cross-connector took on, in an 'all-purpose way', the material issues of the point of view and optical-acousmatic elements. Later, the boundary language diagram (BoLaGRAM) gave way to analyses derived from Lacan's emphasis on the extimate and enunciation. Using Aristotle's 'four-plus-two' system (four 'standard' causes plus automaton and tuché), the division between the subject of enunciation (énoncé) and enunciating became the basis for nesting final cause within an all-covering efficient cause; and nesting a formal-material cause 'operator' within final cause. This provided the means for exploring conditions of double-framing (Zizek's 'inside frame'), at some points called chiaroscuro. The more generic French term, encadrement, later replaced chiaroscuro. 'Frame analysis' sought to rely on an economic set of five terms: the double frame, the object-cause of desire, the 'difference' or defect (∂) that operated inside the fantasmatic construct, the anamorphic relation, and acousmatic conditions. The double frame essentially insulated imaginary from the symbolic and attempted to see how Lacan's rules for fantasy operated within this field.

The latest work on the boundary language project is independently listed in loose chronological order of development at LOCUS. There is a list of analyses based on the idea of enunciation, employing comparisons to Aristotelian causes/chance. There are, within these analyses, links to 'frame analyses' on topics such as Mulholland Drive and Henry Johstone's Categories of Travel.

Enoncé: The Vichian Key
Enoncé: 'The Queer Feet' (Chesterton); see also frame analysis
Enoncé: Simonides' invention of artifiial memory; see also frame analysis
Enoncé: Mulholland Drive (Lynch); see also frame analysis
Enoncé: Purloined Letter (Poe)
Enoncé: Categories of Travel (Johnstone); see also frame analysis
Enoncé: The New Science (Vico)
Framing Lacan

Below is a list of bolagrams, many dating from before 2002, taken from various sources for various occasions. It's a cross-cultural exploration of the role played by topology (and its conflict with projective representation). Some links are 'under construction'.

fictim design
freud 1
freud 2
groucho fractal
groundog day
high and low (kurosawa)
obscene wealth
the (architectural) section
zeuxis-parrhasios anecdote

hitchcock films:
   rear window
   shadow of a doubt
   strangers on a train
   the 39 steps
   young and innocent

holbein's ambassadors
holbein article
thesean labyrinth

mcluhan: understanding media
McLuhan hot and cold
aristotle's four types of cause
powerpoint and the reversability of material cause

Michael Innes
lost highway
mulholland drive
queer feet (chesterton)
queer feet text
red riding hood
skin (mapskin)
string souls
vico: "ignota latebat"
vico / lacan

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