landscape workshop: seminar and studio
robert reich school of landscape architecture / college of art + design / louisiana state university

This page is the index and guide for the special seminar and studio hosted by the Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture, Louisiana State University, in association with the Nadine Carter Russell Chair, Spring 2008. The seminar will take up the topic of the 'uncanny in the landscape', beginning with a review of the primary documents of Freud, Lacan, Dolar, Zizek, and others, which define the phenomenon of the uncanny and place it within the intellectual history of the Twentieth Century. The studio will focus on the uncanny's relationship to the phenomenon of the garden and the garden's historical relationships to desire, motion, memory, and temporality.

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Castle Howard, Temple of the Four Winds shadow

documents for the workshop
Files in PDF format provide reprints for workshop study. Original texts document the origins of the interest in the uncanny and its impact on theories of psychoanalysis, the gaze, and theories of knowledge. One- or two-page 'briefs' summarize topics in terms that may be useful in the planning of architectural and landscape projects.

studio: locus solus
The studio focuses on the issues of time, memory, the uncanny, figures, and fictions by revising Raymond Roussel's idea of the 'Locus Solus', a fantastic literary garden where the issues of motility, scale, and identity are brought into question.

Cranbrook studio publication, Dan Hoffman, Director

What is the uncanny's role in the landscape? This seminar reviews primary materials and evolves new strategies for landscape study and intervention.

anamorphic sidewalk art by Julian Beever

project briefs
Files in PDF format describe members' proposals and accomplishments. Each member will be responsible for adding content to this web file.

… a list of critical sources for further self-study.